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ラブオールプレー Season 1 Episode 13 : Promise
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Title:Love All Play
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Drama
Air Date: 2022-06-25
Season Number: 1
Episodes Number: 13
Overview: Ryo's long-awaited match against Shizuo and Hiroto begins unexpectedly. At Ebihara's instructions, Ryo targets Shizuo, who is injured. Though Shizuo is playing well, he suddenly feels a sharp pain in his leg and falls. Ryo is distraught, but Ebihara tells him to continue the attack. Ryo attempts to steel his resolve, but the burden accumulating in his heart clearly causes him to play poorly. When the match resumes, Ryo's mistakes become increasingly obvious
Stars: Natsuki Hanae (Ryou Mizushima (voice)), , Yohei Azakami (Shоuhei Sakaki (voice)), , Makoto Furukawa (Kоuki Matsuda (voice)), , Kensho Ono (Taichi Higashiyama (voice)), , Tetsuya Kakihara (Youji Higashiyama (voice)), , Yuki Kaji (Akira Uchida (voice)), , Minako Kotobuki (Rika Mizushima (voice)), , Kazuya Nakai (Hitoshi Ebihara (voice)),